Elementos del plan

Los siguientes componentes constituirán los temas generales de planificación del Plan Integral de Springdale. Puede hacer clic en cada icono para ver más detalles sobre cada tema.

Vitalidad económica

This element addresses the current economic state of the city and provides guidance on how the city can encourage development that will enhance the long-term health of city’s economy. 

Parques y Recreación

This element identifies the various parks and recreation amenities within the city and recommends how the city can expand upon their current parks and recreation operations in the future.

Conectividad y transporte

This element categorizes the city’s current transportation network and identifies options for how the city can improve and expand the connectivity of the city for cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists.


This element addresses the housing makeup of the city and provides recommendations for the types of future housing that is desired in the city including unit types, densities, location, and design.