Plan Springdale: Building Our Future Together

The Mayor and City Council, in partnership with department staff, are excited to begin the process of creating a new Comprehensive Plan for the City of Springdale. Together with professionals from McBride Dale Clarion, we will work to lay out future vision, goals, and priorities to ensure the City continues to provide a high level of service to its residents and businesses; manage new development and redevelopment efforts; and provide the parks, recreation and community center amenities our residents tell us they would like to have.

While the final plan will primarily be used by City Council, Planning Commission and City staff, to aide in the decision-making process regarding land use and infrastructure improvements, it is important to us that the plan is rooted in the community. For that reason, the 2021 planning process will include numerous opportunities for residents, employers, and other valued stakeholders to participate in development of the plan’s goals, objectives, and specific project strategies. It is anticipated that the planning process will be complete by December 2021.

This project website is intended to be your one-stop-shop to learn about the planning and visioning process and to discover ways you can get involved.

Take a few moments to offer your feedback right now! And come back often, as there is much that we have yet to discover. 

We hope that you share in our excitement and find numerous ways to stay engaged as we build the future of Springdale together!

Plan Elements

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Economic Vitality

This element addresses the current economic state of the city and provides guidance on how the city can encourage development that will enhance the long-term health of city’s economy. 

Community Involvement

This process will rely heavily on citizen input and review to shape the content of the plan. The public input opportunities will include online surveys, public meetings, and other public engagement methods.

Parks and Recreation

This element identifies the various parks and recreation amenities within the city and recommends how the city can expand upon their current parks and recreation operations in the future.

Connectivity and transportation

This element categorizes the city’s current transportation network and identifies options for how the city can improve and expand the connectivity of the city for cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists. 


This element addresses the housing makeup of the city and provides recommendations for the types of future housing that is desired in the city including unit types, densities, location, and design. 

About Comprehensive Plans


Create an action-oriented plan to meet the current and future needs of the community through a citizen driven process. The plan should be embraced and designed by the community.


A comprehensive plan is a 20-year long-range statement of a community’s vision for the future. It provides strategic guidance for decision making related to development, preservation, and the provision of services and public facilities. It is a formal policy document that is endorsed by the Planning Commission and adopted by Springdale City Council.


Comprehensive plans typically provide land use, infrastructure, and policy recommendations for a variety of topics. The recommendations provide direction for administration and elected leaders to assist in decision making on projects, regulations, and programs that seek to support a high-quality of life for Springdale residents and businesses. 

Comprehensive plans cover Community Character and Design Economic Development Redevelopment and Reinvestment Historic Preservation Natural Resource Preservation Recreation and Parks Housing Community Facilities and Services Transportation Infrastructure Public Services Financing